November 20, 2020

Alpha is not a typical school. Because we use adaptive learning apps, every student is able to progress along an individualized pathway at their own speed. Our approach provides a custom learning experience designed to address the unique needs of each student. The admissions process therefore, doesn’t follow the standard, “Take a test, provide a writing sample, send recommendation letters, wait half a year,” pattern that most private schools follow. We do things our own (wackier!) way around here.

Instead, Alpha’s admissions process focuses on metrics that matter — does a student demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with success at Alpha, the most important being coachability? We highly value the willingness to listen to feedback, accept feedback and make improvements based on feedback.

The Alpha admissions process is designed with prospective students in mind. We want to get to know your child and we want to give your family the opportunity to get to know us.

Here’s what you can expect from your Admissions@Alpha experience:

  1. We begin with parent education. Workshops, goal-setting, Alpha pay-outs and self-agency — we start the Alpha journey by providing parents with the background they need to understand Alpha and ultimately decide if our approach to education aligns with their values. This can happen with either an Alpha Information Call or a campus tour.
  2. Students experience Alpha first-hand. Our first promise to families is that students will love school. It’s crucial for prospective students to see Alpha for themselves so they can decide if this is a place they will love coming everyday. This stage of the process also provides Guides (our version of teachers) an opportunity to get to know students. A student visits campus, meets a Guide from their target Level (Alpha vernacular for grade) and joins in on some of the Alpha fun. Students should ultimately, “opt-in,” and drive the decision to come to Alpha. *Note: this step has been adjusted due to COVID-19.
  3. We commit to timely, transparent and clear communication. We offer rolling admissions at Alpha, with two enrollment moments per school year (August and January). Because our approach is individualized and a wide-variety of learners can be successful at Alpha, we make admissions decisions quickly and keep you updated every step of the way. Our goal is to extend admissions offers (or ask for more information!) within one week of a student’s on-campus visit.

This is just the start. Allow us to show you what makes Alpha, Alpha. And in Alpha fashion, we’ve equipped you with everything you need to take the next steps. We hope to see you on an Alpha Information Call or an in-person visit soon!