Alpha Scholarship Fund

Alpha is a private school network with roots in Austin, Texas, and campuses throughout the state. Our model is based on three promises we make to our students and their families:

We are building a sustainable program so that generations of students will love school, learn faster and learn life skills. Financial stewardship is a key facet of sustainability. We are committed to relentlessly improving our program, our facilities, and employing the very best people. Our goal is to build the best school in the world.

Alpha is committed to ensuring accessibility to all students, regardless of socioeconomic status.

What is Alpha all about?

  • Promise 1: Students love school

    A love of school creates the atmosphere necessary for students to succeed. Everything else (learning, creativity, risk-taking, hard work) follows a love of school. Self-agency is built upon engagement, which requires investment and commitment to their work.

  • Promise 2: Students learn two times (2x) faster

    Alpha utilizes adaptive technology, an innovative schedule, and self-agency to create an environment where students remain engaged and therefore learn twice as fast as their counterparts in traditional schools. Students accomplish the work of a typical academic day in 100 minutes, or two traditional class periods, as compared to the 7 hours of a traditional school.

  • Promise 3: Students learn life skills

    Alpha students learn practical life skills, such as public speaking, giving and receiving feedback, personal finance, and entrepreneurship, via project-based workshops. Students tackle these projects as individuals, within a group, or as a part of a whole-level experience.

Curious to learn more about the Alpha program? Visit our website at the link below to see the magic of Alpha at each campus location.
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