Alpha Session 4

March 30, 2020

Session 4 is off to a great, albeit unconventional, start. Kids are making their daily calls with Guides, setting ambitious Session Goals and even taking part in level-wide activities. Alpha students logged 57,889 minutes of work last week. Levels will introduce new programs each week. This week’s new additions include Hello World remote workshops in LL-L2; an all-level opening in L1; Elite Squad in L2; CRR literature discussions and a live-streamed variety show in L3; CRR, AP Strategies and Jeopardy Board projects in L4.

It is our job to build momentum slowly and deliberately week by week, keeping kids engaged and motivated. If you are looking for how to best support your child, take a look at best practices on our blog, reach out to a Guide, or ask your student.

Even after we are back on campus, we’ll offer Alpha Anywhere as a plan for families that need to be in Remote Mode. We believe that knowledge exists well beyond our zip code, so we want families to travel. Alpha Anywhere enables students to travel while continuing to do academic work as well as partake in the Alpha program. We intended to build a high quality remote program and there is, as they say, no time like the present.

On behalf of the entire Alpha staff, thank you for your patience, loyalty, and faith in what we do. Our L1 Lead Guide put it best: “We did a big thing on Monday. I’m proud of all of us. Most students made it on time to daily calls and despite everyone’s newness to Google Hangouts our two closings went better than expected.” We’ll get better every week. Thank you for the continued support.