Defining Success at Alpha

May 23, 2019

What does it mean to be successful at Alpha?

Our three promises to students and parents tell us:

  1. Students love school
  2. Students learn 2x faster
  3. Students learn life skills

What does it look like to live these three promises daily? What are the habits of successful Alpha students? We interviewed them (and their guides) to find out.

Student Perspectives

Success at Alpha means…

“… completing your goal sheet each day.”

“… completing session goals.”

“… moving up to a new level.”

“… choosing to do challenging things — pushing yourself to see what you can really do.”

“… being reliable and accountable, especially when working on a team.”

“… managing your time effectively.”

“… being bold enough to fail vs. choosing to do only safe things.”

“… being positive about your work.”

“… being kind.”

“… being a good community member — no lying, cheating, or stealing.”

“… being a great public speaker.”

Guide Perspectives

Success at Alpha means…

“… getting down to business each morning.”

“… asking good questions.”

“… knowing how to teach yourself new things.”

“… understanding that it’s okay not to know something.”

“… helping others to grow and fostering a supportive culture.”

“… choosing to engage with apps, projects, guides, and other students every day.”

“… taking ownership of your path — being self-motivated and making learning its own reward.”

“… pursuing what makes you happy vs. what makes the people around you happy — understanding your own motivations and interests.”

“… seizing opportunities to try new and uncomfortable things.”

“… dealing with changing circumstances and thinking well on the spot.”

“… owning your freedom and self-agency.”

“… gaining confidence to do things on your own and solve your own problems.”

“… speaking in front of a group when you used to be afraid.”