Fall 2020 MAP

You can feel the excitement in the building each time MAP testing comes around. Students have been working hard in their apps, and the MAP test is an opportunity for them to show their progress to their parents, their Guides, and — most importantly — themselves.


Alpha MAP Results

As a part of Alpha’s standard MAP testing process, we’re dedicated to transparently sharing information with Alpha families and the broader community. Here is a summary of our Fall 2020 MAP results:


Achievement Percentiles — All Alpha Austin Students

Compared to Other Schools

Parents often ask how Alpha’s results stack up against other schools. While MAP doesn’t provide data on specific other schools’ results, it shows us how our achievement compares to that of public schools and other private schools. Alpha students consistently outscore their peers at other schools in the US:

But how “good” is that blue line? What about compared to other top-performing schools? When we dig into the data, we see that most grade levels at Alpha rank in the 99th percentile for most subjects — putting them in the top 1% nationwide.

Grade Level Achievement Percentile