Freckle App Review

September 25, 2019

Freckle is a K-8 online platform that provides instruction in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. Selected out of a highly competitive market, Freckle is our #1 Math app. It outranks DreamBox, Khan, Knowre, Art of Problem Solving, Imagine Math and more. Ultimately, Alpha selected Freckle for its ability to automatically adapt to fit the needs of each student and the engaging learning experience it creates.

Here’s what we like:

  • Freckle’s opening assessment in math is a series of quizzes that focus on topics such as geometry or fractions. Based on these quizzes, a student is placed at the right point for them along each topic’s lesson path. This allows a student to gain confidence in areas they feel comfortable — while also pointing out areas they need additional practice.
  • Freckle’s interface includes features such as goal setting, built-in audio support, video references, and a toolbox for solving problems in the scratchpad area.
  • Sydney, an L2 at Alpha, said, “I like the Freckle app because it gives you the tools to solve equations without paper. Freckle gives you videos to help you understand, or recommends the name of someone in your class who has already finished the lesson to ask for help.”

Here’s what we don’t like:

  • Freckle needs to improve its built-in features. Freckle’s videos are long and only show one method for solving a problem. Their toolbox does not include a calculator, reference glossary, or formula chart.
  • At times, questions can be poorly worded and do not provide students with a written explanation of why or why not a question was correct.

In order for it to stay our #1 choice, Freckle will need to improve in the areas where its competitors are already thriving. We want to see an improved user experience that incorporates more concise videos (Knowre), higher quality questions (Khan), written feedback on why or why not a question was correct (Knewton), and the addition of several key features to its toolbox (DreamBox).