April 30, 2019

Levi, age 9, is the newest student in the Level 1 classroom. In his first week alone, he completed 20 math quizzes on the Wowzers math app, earning a 90% or more on 17 of them. When tallying up the scores that week for our “T-Rex of the Week” award, it was clear that Levi’s output was extraordinary. Megan, Level 1 Guide, remarked, “Levi is the kind of student that this school’s model is built for.”

In a traditional school environment, students like Levi would be bound to the pace of the classroom, whether the material is above or below their level of mastery. At Alpha, Levi will continue to move on to higher and more potent mathematics, always challenged, engaged, and advancing. Levi is a great example of the promise we make to parents. We promise that students will learn twice as fast at Alpha!