Spring 2020 MAP Results

June 26, 2020

Students worked hard during Alpha Anywhere. Despite the physical campus closure in Sessions 4 and 5, Alpha Austin students stayed focused on their Core Skills work. They not only kept pace with Session 3, but completed an average of 20% more lessons per week.

This effort made it even more important for students to have a chance to show their hard work and academic progress at the end of the year. While many schools declared remote MAP testing impractical — or even impossible — Alpha students closed out the school year with the Spring 2020 MAP test at home.

And we’re happy our students took the test, because their hard work showed in the results:

Alpha students continued to achieve at a very high level on the Spring 2020 MAP test:

  • 89% of all test results were above median (top 50%)
  • 65% were in the top quartile (top 25%)
  • 41% were above 90th percentile (top 10%)
  • 9% were at 99th percentile (top 1%)

Students also continued to grow at an accelerated rate:

  • 77% of tests showed greater than median growth (top 50%)
  • 52% showed top quartile growth (top 25%)
  • 25% showed growth above 90th percentile (top 10%)
  • 6% showed 99th percentile growth (top 1%)

This combination of high achievement and high growth is hard to maintain, and we’re exceptionally proud of the work our students have put in to do so. We saw similar rates of accelerated growth in both 1st year and returning students, and we continue to see clear evidence that time in apps supports MAP growth and MAP achievement.

MAP is another data point that reinforces what we already see in the apps: Alpha students use their self-agency to excel academically, tackling advanced content and showing mastery of concepts beyond that of their grade-level peers.