Alpha Anywhere: Session 4 Update

April 15, 2020

After three hard charging weeks full of good work, we are the eve of the Session 4 midpoint. So, how is Alpha Anywhere going in Austin?

Students are matching or exceeding their on campus productivity:

  • Minutes are up 19% as compared to the first three weeks of Session 3
  • Students completed 19% more units (the term we use for chapters, lessons or topics) as compared to the first three weeks of Session 3
  • L3 students have completed 37% more units

Students have lots of feedback. We asked for verbal feedback and sent a one question survey to all students asking “What activities would you like to add to Alpha Anywhere?”

  • Approximately 35% of students are happy with Alpha Anywhere
  • Alpha student have lots of suggestions, from adding more social and cultural activities to increasing art offerings
  • Per normal Alpha process, we’ll use this student feedback to improve Alpha Anywhere

We launched Alpha Anywhere as Alpha’s remote mode program. The intention is to cover Core Skills and core academic programs, such as writing. While we’ve achieved this goal, we realize this is an extraordinary time and we’ll continue to follow the student feedback and make improvements.

In the future, Alpha Anywhere will be available to families when they are traveling or unable to be on campus when we are in session. We’re happy to build a new program, but we miss your kids. We don’t know when we’ll be back on campus, but we’ll be ready.