Education Apps Your Kids Will Love

June 7, 2019

Word Wizard for Kids (ages 5+) or Word Connect (ages 10+)

Words are scrambled and kids have to move letters around to find words, as well as offering other Games and quizzes for extra word challenges. These are great options for your future spelling bee champions and wordsmiths!

Splash Math (k-5 skills)

Covers a wide range of math skills at different levels. Kids can skip around from one skill to the next or they can focus on one skill at a time. The app offers progressively harder and harder games for each skill that is practiced.

Todo Math (k-2 skills)

Kids can build strong math skills through 700+ math activities. Bright and colorful interface with chances to collect monsters and prizes makes this a fun choice for your younger learners.

Color Code Mastermind (all ages) or Guess the Code (all ages)

Logic games that encourage kids of all ages to identify patterns and sequences in order to solve problems. Although challenging, these games are downright addictive.

Twelve a dozen

Students have fun exploring and saving the new world of Dozenopolis by practicing math concepts through exciting and engaging puzzles. Kids will learn new math concepts without even realizing it as they progress through the different levels this game has to offer!

Member Jr

It is never too early to learn about money. This year we watched our youngest Alpha students capitalize on the economy by selling sweets during lunch thus turning them into the youngest entrepreneurs at the school. With Member Jr, even your youngest students can learn how to recognize currency, earn a profit, suffer a financial loss and learn about the importance of saving.

iBiome Wetland & iBiome Ocean

Visually stunning IBiome allows students to experiment with environmental conditions while trying to unlock new ecosystems. Every young Alpha scientist should experience the magic.

Code Spark: Kids Academy (4+)

Code Spark: Kids Academy is the perfect app for your soon to be Alpha student, because even your pre-reader can learn the basic concepts of computer programming! Code Spark has over a thousand activities and adapts to your student’s progress. Each activity teaches a foundational concept in programming and reinforces logic and creative problem solving. The intuitive interface also means that your young Alpha will have no problem getting started.

DragonBox Algebra 12+ or DragonBox Elements — Geometry

You know it is a good app when even the guides want to keep playing! DragonBox Algebra and Geometry offer engaging storylines such as caring for a young dragon or acquiring new magical capabilities such as the power of triangle. As students play through the 300+ activities they are taught “what mathematics is all about: objects and the relationships between objects.”