Winter MAP Results

We can state with confidence Alpha 2020 Winter MAP results reveal students continued to excel. The two most frequently asked questions are:

  • How does my child compare to the rest of the class?
  • How does Alpha compare to other schools?

It is always our goal to answer these questions with data. So, here is some information from 2020 MAP testing in Austin.

The chart below shows that Alpha is in the top 1% for most schools/grades/subjects. We are actively working on improving the ones that are below that standard.

Each student is at a different place on the road to content mastery, and many still have ground to cover to reach 90th+ percentile achievement. But we can see that Alpha’s app-based approach is outperforming instruction at traditional schools.

When faced with these outstanding results, the question we get from prospective parents is: “Does Alpha only admit high achieving kids or kids that have really high test scores?” The answer is no, we admit a diverse population of kids that want to be at Alpha. Therefore, these results indicate Alpha students are learning dramatically faster than students at other schools.

The next table is a measure of GROWTH, which is how much and how fast the kids are learning. Alpha has 12x more students (compared to a standard school) who are learning at the fastest measurable level (99%) and 4.5x more students learning faster than 90% of the country.

The fact that ~90% of Alpha students are learning faster than half the students in the country (in only 100 app minutes per day), is what gives us confidence that our model works. Further, we continue to have confidence that the keys to student success are time in app with at least medium intensity while using the app.