Alpha’s 3 Commitments

Love School

Alpha students love school - they don’t just tolerate it.

Learn 2x in 2hrs

Alpha students learn faster than students in standard school while still ranking in the top 1% nationwide.

Learn Life Skills

With our 2hr Learning program, students get their afternoons back to develop critical life skills and explore passions.

Give your child AI-powered education and the gift of time with Alpha School.

Alpha’s 2hr Learning model harnesses the power of AI technology to provide each student with 1:1 learning, accelerating mastery and giving them the gift of time. 

With core academics completed in the mornings, they can use their afternoons to explore tons of workshops that allow them to pursue their passions and learn real-world skills at school

The truth is clear: Your kids can accomplish twice as much if they’re not sitting in a one-size-fits-all classroom for 6 hours.

Alpha students are limitless, and we’ve built a limitless environment that unlocks their potential.


Our 2hr Learning model harnesses adaptive technology to provide students 1:1 learning, accelerating mastery over core subjects. 

With academics completed in the mornings, they get their afternoons back to gain real-world skills and explore interests, all at school. 

The truth is clear: Your kids can accomplish twice as much if they’re not sitting in a one-size-fits-all classroom the whole day. / While old-school kids zone out for 6 hours, Alpha kids learn faster and love it. 



The 2hr Learning model enables mastery while mitigating knowledge gaps. Its efficiency and efficacy open up 4 hours for activities, interests, hobbies, and life skills, contrasting the standard, inefficient 6-hour approach.


Alpha's students are motivated to academic mornings because their afternoons consist of workshops that allow them to explore what they love and teach students the critical skills they need to know.
We give our students more credit, because we know what they are capable of. Given the right guidance, resources, and support, children show you just how limitless they are. They thrive.
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At Alpha, we’ve taken a giant leap beyond conventional teaching models. So why would we stick to traditional teachers?

Our Guides go beyond academics to motivate and empower students to become self-driven, lifelong learners. They work closely with each child, getting to know individual strengths, passions, and areas for growth.

Alpha vs. Standard School


Cultivating a Limitless Mindset

We foster a culture of excellence, nurturing a mindset where children know that “they can” rather than “they must”.

Student-Centric Approach

Kids take charge of their learning with guidance and support at their disposal, allowing them to shape what, when, where, and how they learn.

The 2-Hour Learning Model

Our AI-powered model covers standard academic curriculum in just 2 hours while personalizing the path forward based on individual performance.

Beyond Traditional Teaching

Alpha's educators wear multiple hats; they're mentors, champions, and Guides. Alongside knowledge, they offer emotional and motivational support.

A True Love for Learning

Our goal is to instill a lasting curiosity and a resilient 'can-do' attitude in the children. Students can explore subjects in an environment without any fear of failure.

Equipping with Future-Ready Skills

We equip your child for the future with skills which usually take a lifetime to master, like financial literacy, collaboration, public speaking, and sheer grit.


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Children can be limitless. Let us show you how.