Alpha’s commitment:
Students Learn 2x

Our secret weapon? Adaptive apps.


Education along a continuum

From our youngest to oldest students, we’ve dug deep to evaluate and vet the best learning apps for every subject to take students on an individual academic journey catered to their needs. Our Guides support the process, help with goal setting, and ensure our kids are motivated and excited about challenging themselves to keep achieving. Due to this individualized approach, we don’t prescribe apps based on age or grade, but rather based on student progress along our Academic Continuum.

Solid foundations

While most academic learning happens via apps, we offer individual and small group reading and writing instruction via our Guides through second grade. Our youngest students receive small group reading instruction, while our older students participate in online reading and writing challenges to encourage a lifelong love of literature. All students practice writing with regular prompts and personalized feedback – every week.

Prep for what’s next

At Alpha, we foster individuality in everything that we do, and that includes mentoring students as they decide the appropriate next step for their education. Alpha’s academic rigor has prepared students for private, public, magnet, online, and just about any other high school experience they’ve chosen. We also offer practice SATs and other standardized tests, so students aren’t overwhelmed entering a most test-driven environment.