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Like every other aspect of Alpha, our admissions process is different. We do not base admissions on specific academic accomplishments and aptitude. Our adaptive learning experience is designed to address the personalized needs of each student, which means that a wide range of kids can be successful and happy here. More than anything, we want the process to be simple and clear, and ensure that prospective Alpha students demonstrate the behaviors that are consistent with a great experience at our school, such as coachability, willingness to listen, and the ability to accept feedback.


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The Alpha admissions process is designed with students in mind. After a campus tour with parents, we invite prospective Alpha students to experience our school first-hand through a Shadow Day. We want kids to see for themselves whether they’ll love it here while we observe their response to our program and such traits as coachability and curiosity, which are important for getting the most out of our school. We extend invitations quickly and offer rolling admissions, with the option to enroll in August or January. Estimate your tuition here.


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