Limitless Learning, Measurable Growth

Want proof? Well, we come with data.

At Alpha School, we empower students to accelerate their learning and achieve their full potential.

Our results speak for themselves.

And most importantly, our students love learning!

We survey Alpha students every six weeks to gauge satisfaction.

96% of Alpha students express wanting more school time.

Over 90% of students report loving their school experience, including classes, workshops, and activities.

Responses reveal consistent enthusiasm and engagement across the board.

Measuring what matters
We lead by example. We don’t just set goals – we quantify success through rigorous measurement.
Student Surveys:
We conduct frequent surveys to measure student enthusiasm, engagement, and satisfaction.
Standardized Tests
Students take nationally normed MAP Growth tests in Fall, Winter, and Spring. We track both individual growth and cohort performance relative to national averages.
Parent Feedback:
Parents provide quantitative ratings and qualitative feedback on all aspects of our program, from academic rigor to life skills.
Guide Assessments
Our guides regularly assess mastery of concepts, skills, and mindsets. Students are given targeted support based on these formative assessments to ensure continual growth.
Project Quality
Workshops and passion projects are graded on objective rubrics that measure concrete skills gained. Students must demonstrate competency to "pass" each project.

By rigorously assessing holistic development, we ensure that students (and we, at Alpha) are learning and growing.

So there you have it. The stats and smiles speak for themselves.

  • Accelerated growth? Check.
  • Top percentiles nationwide? Check.
  • Over 90% satisfaction? Check.

The cutting-edge Alpha difference is real. Interested yet?

Children can be limitless. Let us show you how.