Life is different at Alpha

Picture a campus that looks more like a tech startup than a school. Kids are learning upside down on couches, swinging from hammocks, snuggled together, or covered in flour. Most surprising is the 150+ students who truly love coming to school each day. That’s what you’ll find at our Austin campus.

We believe kids who love school work harder, step out of their comfort zone, connect with each other, and take ownership of everything from their day-to-day life to their future. We achieve that and more through our innovative academic model.

Alpha kids work harder

Through the use of adaptive technology, personalized motivational tools and exceptional Guides who help kids discover just how capable they are, students at Alpha learn twice as fast as their counterparts in traditional schools. This means Core Skills (think: reading, math, science and language arts) are covered in roughly 100 minutes, leaving plenty of time to develop the life skills that will serve them well, no matter what their future holds.

Building skills that matter

At Alpha, we know that the only constant in the working world is change, and that the careers of the future do not exist today. That’s why we spend hours each day helping our students develop the tools they’ll need in any environment. Our popular project-based workshops tackle universal challenges such as public speaking, rational thinking, giving and receiving feedback, non-academic writing, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Accelerated education

Learning at Alpha is highly personalized. Students work with Guides to set goals, assess milestones and reflect on progress as they work to achieve their potential. MAP Growth testing is utilized three times per year to measure progress across Core Skills, and has confirmed the success of this innovative model with scores that far outpace other private and public schools nationwide.

Leveling up

With all children advancing at a personalized pace, we group our cohorts into roughly two-year age bands instead of grade. Levels do not restrict academic progress; they simply help similarly aged students support each other in their achievement journey. Younger students can work to keep up with older peers, while older kids have the opportunity to inspire their younger friends. Motivational tools and project-based workshops are tailored to each level to ensure optimal engagement and serious fun.

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A day in the life

Life at Alpha is hard to imagine until you’ve experienced it for yourself. See a virtual day in the life of an Alpha student here!

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