Why Kindergarten Matters


Alpha kindergarteners learn twice as fast as the national average, which means no matter where they come in, they end up in the top 10%, with the vast majority in the top 1% nationwide.

Here’s what that means: 

By the end of Kindergarten, your kids will read chapter books like Mercy Watson and Magic Treehouse. They will know 600 sight words (most kindergartners know 25-50). They will have mastered 0-20 addition and subtraction (0-10 in under 3 seconds)

And if your child is gifted, they will far exceed this. For example, we have multiple kindergartners doing 4th grade math and reading. There is no ceiling.

But, it’s not just about academics. Students will learn valuable, limitless life skills:

  • Grit: They’ll be able to assemble a 100-piece puzzle (most kindergartners can only do 10-25).
  • Teamwork: Your child, with their classmates, will run Kindergarten’s parent night. (Parents are not allowed to help at all).
  • Self-driven learning: Without being taught, your child will learn how to tie their shoelaces on their own. 
  • Overcoming fears: Your child will learn to swim in the deep end (on their own).

And above all, your child will love school. This is the foundation for their next 12 years, and they must be excited to go to school every day.

Don’t believe us? When surveyed, Alpha students report that they’d choose school over a vacation any day. Ready to make their 12 years amazing? Ask us more. 

About Alpha 

At Alpha School, we unlock your kids’ limitless potential, blending tech, real-life skills, passion, and purpose. Students only spend 2hr per day on academics, but learn 2x as much as they would in standard school. 

Limitless Life Skills Workshops enable students to learn valuable life skills while pursuing their passions in project-based workshops.

Ready to revolutionize your child’s learning journey? Dive into the world of limitless potential at Alpha.