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Alpha AI Summer Camp 2024

by kellyfraser

  AI gives you Superpowers! Unlock your child’s potential this summer at Alpha Camp, Austin’s ultimate AI summer camp. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, our camp offers an extraordinary opportunity for young minds to explore, learn, and discover the limitless possibilities of the digital world. Why AI Summer Camp? At Alpha School, we believe […]

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  Join Alpha School’s middle schoolers on a transformative service trip to Poland, where they’ll work with 500 Ukrainian students who have faced prolonged periods without access to educational resources and technology. Alpha students will provide personal connection, motivational support, and essential educational technology, helping their Ukrainian counterparts reignite their learning journeys. Help fund this student-driven mission by […]

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Why Kindergarten Matters

by kellyfraser

  Alpha kindergarteners learn twice as fast as the national average, which means no matter where they come in, they end up in the top 10%, with the vast majority in the top 1% nationwide. Here’s what that means:  By the end of Kindergarten, your kids will read chapter books like Mercy Watson and Magic […]

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  Ever tried counting how many times your kid asks “why” in a day? It’s probably just as challenging as understanding the seismic shifts in our education system post-COVID. Here’s the deal: If you’re looking for the right kindergarten, it’s important to understand that not all schools are keeping up with these crazy times. With […]

  Ever tried to bottle up a tornado? Yeah, not likely. Asking a kindergartener to sit still all day is just as improbable. So why enroll your child in a school that curbs their boundless energy? These pint-sized powerhouses require constant movement. Choosing a kindergarten that prioritizes regular activity over a mere 25-minute recess once […]

  Did you know the average kindergartener asks 437 questions per day? Yep, you read that right. Now, let’s be honest – a bored kid is an unhappy kid. And, what’s the difference between a kindergartener who feels inspired to learn versus one who’s tuned out? Everything!  Imagine your child’s eyes lighting up with enthusiasm, […]

  You know the saying about a kid’s mind being like a sponge? Well, for some little sponges, the water flows faster than for others. While some kindergarteners are figuring out their ABCs, others are diving deep into chapter books or solving math puzzles. We all dream of our child’s face lighting up with the […]

  You’ve heard all the news about kids using ChatGPT to cheat, but there’s another side to this story. Just as the internet revolutionized education, AI will be the next game-changer. While the fears of cheating have definitely been legitimate, have you actually tried writing an essay using just AI? Hate to say it, but […]

  Public education is in absolute turmoil and it’s reaching a dangerous breaking point. The biggest sign? Parents who not only bled public school spirit but firmly declared their children would too, are now fleeing to private institutions. Research shows American public schools witnessed a sharp decline of 1.2 million students in the years following […]

  Ready for a shocker? Kindergarten isn’t just about nap-time and doodling with crayons anymore. Now, more than ever, it’s a game-changing year that lays the foundation for your little one’s entire academic journey. Let’s be honest: the kindergarten you choose can be the difference between your child charging forward on their learning career with […]