Exclusive Dinner with the


Join us to learn about Alpha School Miami, now enrolling K-8 students. Enjoy dinner and meet Alpha co-founder MacKenzie Price and author and EDUpreneur Ana Lorena Fabrega.

MacKenzie Price

Co-Founder of 2hr Learning and Alpha School, is revolutionizing K-12 education. 2hr Learning uses AI to offer personalized, mastery learning, allowing students spend just 2 hours on academics a day, and freeing up the rest of their day to pursue their passions and interests.

Ana Lorena Fabrega

Ana Lorena Fabrega, or Ms. Fab, is transforming education as the Chief Evangelist at Synthesis. A former elementary teacher, she champions gamified, experiential learning to help children tackle complex challenges. Author of "The Learning Game," Ana advocates for innovative approaches that inspire curiosity and critical thinking in students worldwide​

Alpha's 3 Commitments

Love School

Alpha students love school - they don’t just tolerate it.

Learn 2x in 2hrs

Alpha students learn faster than students in standard school while still ranking in the top 1% nationwide.

Learn Life Skills

With our 2hr Learning program, students get their afternoons back to develop critical life skills and explore passions.

Sold Out!

Unfortunately, the dinner event has been sold out. If you’d still like to find out more about Alpha Miami, please RSVP for our campus tour on June 21st at 10 am below or click to sign up for our webinar on June 24th.


Our 2hr Learning model harnesses adaptive technology to provide students 1:1 learning, accelerating mastery over core subjects. 

With academics completed in the mornings, they get their afternoons back to gain real-world skills and explore interests, all at school. 

The truth is clear: Your kids can accomplish twice as much if they’re not sitting in a one-size-fits-all classroom the whole day. / While old-school kids zone out for 6 hours, Alpha kids learn faster and love it. 

Children can be limitless. Let us show you how.

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