Alpha School now enrolling Pre-K through 8th Grade.

Where students are limitless!

Alpha School uses a 2hr Learning model where we utilize technology for 1:1 learning in order to accelerate students' core education. With standard academics completed in the mornings, kids use their afternoons to explore tons of workshops that allow them to pursue passions and learn real-world skills at an early age.

We are a new type of school, where kids can unlock their limitless potential, all guided by AI technology.

Alpha's 3 Commitments

Love School

Alpha students love school - they don’t just tolerate it.

Learn 2x in 2hrs

Alpha students learn faster than students in standard school while still ranking in the top 1% nationwide.

Learn Life Skills

With our 2hr Learning program, students get their afternoons back to develop critical life skills and explore passions.

A Day at Alpha

We make sure to fill all hours of our students’ days with learning and mastering life skills. We do this in a way so that kids' love school. Here’s what a day looks like:

Experiential Learning


Learning never comes in just one form… or one space. See what our students are up to at Alpha!

Now Enrolling Fall 2024

Enrollment is incredibly easy with just a few simple steps.  And even better, we have rolling admissions.  Schedule your info call today!

Schedule a Phone Call with our Admissions Coordinator to learn more about Alpha! 

  • Before your call we would love to know more about you and your child. Please fill out the form here.
  • On your call, you will meet our Admissions Team and be able to ask any questions that you have. We will ask more about your interests and learning needs to see if Alpha is a good fit for your family.

Once we have had the chance to answer all of your questions, we then have you meet in-person with a Guide or Admissions team member to assess student fit.

Since we are still in our renovation phase, we will not have our typical Shadow Day on campus.  In lieu of this, we will host a 45 minute – 1 hour meeting with an Admissions Student where specific questions are asked, almost in an interview style. 

The next step is to take a diagnostic to assess the student’s current skill level in each core academic subject. We provide students with login info and they complete these diagnostics from their home.  

We then schedule a 30 minute coaching call with one of our remote coaches.  During the call, the remote coach walks each student through how to learn effectively in our app-based platform. 

Our average time from campus tour to placement offer is 9 days. We understand life takes planning, and we want to make sure you have plenty of time to plan for your child’s future. Once we have your application and $75 application fee, we will be able to share acceptance news within 9 days. We then will get you over to the Alpha Enrollment & Onboarding team to fill out appropriate paperwork and get you fully enrolled for the school year.

Important FAQs

If we missed anything below, we are still here to help. Please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Tuition at Alpha Silicon Valley is $40 000 for a micro school and $50 000 for a full private school. 

Please know that the 2hr learning model is only part of Alpha’s process. By reducing time spent on core academics to 2 hours, students have their afternoons freed up to participate in a wide range of workshops where they learn invaluable life-skills like teamwork, leadership, grit, entrepreneurship, public speaking, and personal finance to name a few! These life skills workshops help create well-rounded students with the tools they need to succeed both in school and in the real world.

Alpha’s tuition is inclusive of ALL student activities (like a trip to Formula 1 or Poland); Alpha will never EVER ask parents for additional fundraising. With this in mind, Alpha tuition remains on par with the nation’s best private schools.

There is a non-refundable Admissions Application Fee of $75 as part of the application process.

Once admission is offered to a student, a $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required in order to secure your student’s spot at Alpha. The deposit amount will be deducted from your overall tuition balance.

We take deep pride in hiring at Alpha. Guides are selected based on: 1) their ability to motivate and know students, 2) their ability to plan engaging life skills workshops. And 3) their affinity to understanding what the student requires in terms of support. We select Guides from top universities across the country with competitive backgrounds in fields like tech and start-ups. Alpha Guides are not just supervisors or teachers – they are much more than that! 

Not at all! While students spend 2 hours on apps in the morning, the rest of their day is spent in engaging with their peers and getting direction from the guides via an array of lively activities. In fact, because they don’t have to spend 6 hours looking in the same direction at a chalkboard, Alpha students get more socialization than the average school student.

Alpha School serves K-8 students. However, Alpha works in levels that are based on specific capabilities as opposed to traditional grade models. Age is not the deciding factor of acumen, and we put that into practice.

There is no ceiling for academic progression so students are able to progress at their own pace. Alpha champions unrestricted academic progression. Students aren’t confined by traditional grade levels; a 2nd grader ready for 5th-grade math will engage with that level, ensuring a truly personalized learning journey and harnessing of potential. 


Our 2hr Learning model harnesses adaptive technology to provide students 1:1 learning, accelerating mastery over core subjects. 

With academics completed in the mornings, they get their afternoons back to gain real-world skills and explore interests, all at school. 

The truth is clear: Your kids can accomplish twice as much if they’re not sitting in a one-size-fits-all classroom the whole day. / While old-school kids zone out for 6 hours, Alpha kids learn faster and love it. 

Children can be limitless. Let us show you how.

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