3 Reasons Die-Hard Public School Parents are Choosing Private Schools for their Kids


Public education is in absolute turmoil and it’s reaching a dangerous breaking point. The biggest sign? Parents who not only bled public school spirit but firmly declared their children would too, are now fleeing to private institutions. Research shows American public schools witnessed a sharp decline of 1.2 million students in the years following the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, private school enrollment in 2021-2022 hit record highs after countless parents made the switch.

Here are three reasons public school parents are choosing private schools: 

Academic Standards

The public education system is failing to uphold academic excellence. A significant factor driving parents to private schools is the catastrophic drop in academic standards. Basic skills such as reading and writing are often overlooked, allowing students to advance with minimal to no academic grounding. The removal of crucial subjects like Algebra from 8th-grade curriculum, and eliminating enriched programs, are seriously hindering students’ chances of future success. After the Covid-19 pandemic national test scores plummeted to record lows, but because of the disastrous state of public schools, many of these students will never fully recover. Reports indicate kids missed 35% of a typical school year’s learning, with nearly half of parents fearing these setbacks could cause permanent damage. Alarmingly, post-Covid era education remains in continued decline. During the 2022-2023 school year, 13-year-olds’ math scores dropped by an average of 9 points, and reading scores fell by 4 points. Even the most ardent public school supporters recognize the potential long-term impact these learning gaps could have on their children’s lives.

Peer-to-Peer Influence and Culture

From relentless fighting and bullying, to the blatant disrespect for teachers, public school parents continue to witness the steady erosion of their children’s learning environment. Peer-to-peer influence and school culture significantly affects students at every academic stage, with data revealing a negative peer group can lead to a 24% drop in academic performance. Private schools often emphasize community, motivation, and a positive learning environment, while public schools are grappling with deteriorating mental health and a concerning anti-academic stance. With 85% of high school students facing peer-pressure, parents are turning to private schools to ensure their kids are learning alongside motivated, disciplined, and like-minded peers.

Individualized Learning

Over the past two decades, public school funding has been drastically cut, leading to larger class sizes, fewer resources, and an almost mechanical approach to education. This system has become increasingly challenging for teachers, with many either leaving the profession or facing daily struggles. To make matters worse, what funding is left doesn’t always go to the educators who need it most. Data shows public school classrooms are often packed to double the capacity of their private counterparts, resulting in a watered-down educational experience that leaves no room for individualized learning. Private schools champion an individual focus on each child’s personal learning needs. 

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