5 Ways COVID Changed Kindergarten

Ever tried counting how many times your kid asks “why” in a day? It’s probably just as challenging as understanding the seismic shifts in our education system post-COVID. Here’s the deal: If you’re looking for the right kindergarten, it’s important to understand that not all schools are keeping up with these crazy times. With public school enrollments dropping by 1.2 million kids post-pandemic, there’s no doubt where your child starts their academic journey is more than just learning their ABCs; it sets the tone for the rest of their lives. 

Here are 5 ways COVID changed kindergarten:

1. The Big Enrollment Drop

New York City kindergartens alone experienced a 17% drop in enrollment. The reason? Slipping academic standards, especially in key areas like reading and writing. But guess where these kids are going? To private and charter schools, with private schools seeing a whopping 10-18% surge in enrollments post-COVID.

2. Zoom School Nightmares

It was like flipping through movie channels; some schools were blockbuster hits, while others were major flops. Parents got a direct glimpse into virtual classrooms and, spoiler alert, not all were giving standing ovations. Many were underwhelmed due to the glaring inconsistencies in student engagement and teaching quality.

3. Essential Skills Went MIA

The pandemic exposed some gaping holes in curriculums. Teamwork, critical thinking, basic life skills—suddenly, these weren’t just buzzwords but real needs. And many schools seemed to miss the memo, and still haven’t figured out how to develop these skills into the classroom.

4. The “Pass-Along” Phenomenon

Some public schools began “social promotion,” moving kids to the next grade, regardless of mastery. It’s like earning a gold star just for being there. Behind the scenes? Teachers juggled catching up old lessons while teaching new ones. Yet as the year concluded, up the students went.

5. Parents Taking Charge

Post-COVID, parents aren’t waiting on the sidelines. They’re actively seeking schools that prioritize immersive learning, offer real social connections, and truly cater to each child’s unique needs.

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