5 Reasons Why Movement Matters in Kindergarten


Ever tried to bottle up a tornado? Yeah, not likely. Asking a kindergartener to sit still all day is just as improbable. So why enroll your child in a school that curbs their boundless energy? These pint-sized powerhouses require constant movement. Choosing a kindergarten that prioritizes regular activity over a mere 25-minute recess once a day will give you a content, grounded child—and a welcome dose of peace and quiet at home.

Here are 5 reasons why movement matters in kindergarten: 

1. Tune-Up Their Tiny Brains

Before diving into ABCs and 123s, a little jig or hop is the secret sauce to kickstart their learning engine. Movement preps the noggin, making absorbing lessons as easy as pie.

2. Healthy Habits for Life 

Remember those wild dance moves at your cousin’s wedding? That’s just kids being kids. Kindergartens embracing this truth lay the groundwork for a lifetime love of staying active. Let’s let them groove!

3. Think Fast, Move Faster

Those little jumping jacks and wiggle sessions? They’re like brain boosters, turbocharging your child’s cognitive prowess. Picture neurons lighting up like a dancefloor – that’s the brain on movement!

4. Happier, Calmer Kids 

Got a case of the Kindergarten blues? A hop, skip, and a jump are all it takes to uplift spirits. Movement sprinkles a bit of emotional magic, ensuring smiles stay wide and tantrums stay at bay.

5. Supercharged Learning

Who said learning can’t be a ball? From alphabet boogies to number jigs, when movement meets education, the result? A supercharged, fun-filled learning experience that sticks! 

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